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Apr 23, 2019

For our 200th episode we are joined by special guest Marzi Montazeri. Notorious for his ground breaking work with groove thrash progenitors Exhorder, Montazeri takes us through the trials and tribulations of his musical evolution, tumultuous childhood, time with members of Pantera, and the Randy Rhoads Remembered experience. We also spend some serious time discussing the origins, and music of the recently formed Super Group Heavy As Texas, featuring the talents of Montazeri and vocalist Kyle Thomas (Exhorder). The duo recruited drummer Anup Sastry (Marty FriedmanJeff LoomisSkyharbor) and notable engineer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Collier (KornProngWinds of Plague) on bass for the recording, and later added full-time members Lenwood Sonnier on bass and James Goetz on drums. The bone crunching new self-titled album dropped April 19th via Crunchy Western Records and is available on all the major music platforms.