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Nov 10, 2016

Every now and then you meet people who change your perception, and quite possibly your life. We were lucky enough to have such an experience this year at the Monster Energy Drink Aftershock Festival media tent when we met, hung out with and had a conversation with Brandon Mendenhall and Mike Lira of The Mendenhall Experiment. After watching their set on the main stage, we headed in and met the band. This group of young men had been working their asses off all weekend in the media area, and the experience was nothing short of amazing. Brandon Mendenhall has spent his life pursuing his passion and dream of becoming a musician all while living with Cerebral Palsy. Our time with them left us all feeling introspective, thankful, and grateful we had this amazing opportunity. We can't wait for our follow up conversation coming soon. We will also be collaborating with the band very soon in a charity auction event.  Please take some time to listen to their story, their awesome music, and support them.

#themendenhallexperiment #aftershock #honestbrutality #staymetal