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Jan 28, 2016

Hi friends! Another episode of Honest Brutality chaos at it's finest. Evilerk tries his hardest to discuss the new Megadeth album Dystopia...repeatedly, but Sloppy, Butcher and the Rebel have other ideas. Here's an idea of the show; Megadeth, early concert adventures, Megadeth, pit experiences, karate in the pit, Japanese metal including Maximum the Hormone and Crossfaith, the demise of That Metal Show, Megadeth, Monster Truck, the word "band" in Google searches, Steven Tyler, Megadeth, Holy Grail, a gang bash on Sloppy, lyric videos, penis photography...Spoiler alert! For all the Megadeth mentions it never actually gets discussed. Tons of laughs are had in one of the craziest episodes so far...enjoy!!!!